Budget Billing

Our Budget Billing (Monthly Payment Plan) program is designed to take the stress out of paying for winter heating expenses.  As a residential customer, you will enjoy the predictability of having a set monthly payment to distribute your annual propane expenses over a period of 12 months.

As a Budget Billing  (Monthly Payment Plan) Customer:

  • Your budget rate is a calculated estimate of your annual propane usage and projected winter propane price. Your projected annual propane costs are divided into 12 equal payments.
    It works like an escrow account. Your monthly payments accumulate credit for your future propane purchases.
  • Budget Billing is only available as an electronic transaction. We will not send you a monthly bill. You are required to authorize automatic monthly charges to your credit card or debits from your bank account. You will be notified at the time of the transaction by email, again, no paper invoices.
  • Our open enrollment period is April–May, and based solely on the approval of our home office. Prior to enrollment, your tank will be filled to capacity and must be paid for, in full, at the time of delivery.
  • Your monthly payment will be reviewed yearly and your payment adjusted, with your permission.
  • Note: If your payment transaction fails, Budget Billing for your account will be automatically discontinued and any balance on your account is due and payable immediately.

For applications or more information please call Jeff at 406-207-3592.