Will Call

Will Call is a delivery option that allows customers control of and responsibility for ordering their propane when needed. Although this may be beneficial for some customers, it is often the more expensive way to purchase propane.

As a Will Call Customer:

  • You will monitor your propane tank level,  (see “reading the gauge” graphic)
  • You will schedule delivery of propane when gauge reads 30% capacity, calling 406 Propane a minimum five (5) business days in advance to schedule delivery
  • You must maintain clear, unobstructed access to the propane tank
  • You must be credit approved and remain current on all payments
  • Failure to comply with these terms may result in suspension of service

Please Note:

  • If your propane tank is empty or service is otherwise interrupted, we are required to perform a safety leak test before placing your propane system back into service. You will be required to be present, as we must enter your home. This may result in an “Out of Gas/Safety check” fee.
  • Emergency deliveries made after hours, on weekends or holidays, and unscheduled delivery routes are subject to additional charges.